classic, WHIMSICAL & romantic


classic, WHIMSICAL & romantic

Classic, whimsical and romantic wedding photography.
We capture every moment, grand or small.

Frye + LaMarca know professional wedding and event photography takes a different kind of photographer.
You need to love weddings, and you must love to tell each couple's unique story. 
A wedding photographer must be both emotionally and physically flexible yet stable
and have the capability to work well under extreme amounts of pressure, without showing it.

We believe the most important tools for photographing a wedding are: compassion, flexibility and intuition.
We work with each client to create amazing glimpses into the day that can be cherished for years to come.
These photos will contain memories that may be long forgotten, but will be captured skillfully
by this photographic team. We search out the moments that you may not see during the
wedding – the tear of joy your grandmother wipes away, the first glimpse of the bride, the dancing talents of dear
uncle Jack! We get it all. Working as a team – we don’t miss much during our time with you.

Ginger and Mindy love working with couples all over the southeast and the world.
We shoot weddings in the Atlanta area, but have travelled as far as Scotland to shoot a wedding.
Combined we are a photography and design powerhouse. Both holding MFA’s and working as photographers in
Georgia and Tennessee before combining efforts.  Technically we have an intimate understanding of all our equipment,
seamlessly capturing every moment as it happens and skillfully editing every photo to create a magical statement.
We love working at our outdoor studio in historic Newnan Georgia at Catalpa Plantation - one of the oldest
plantations in Newnan (est. 1835). This setting offers great background for our couples for wedding, engagement
or wreck-the-dress photos!  This plantation really sets the stage for some beautiful rustic outdoor photography.

We are always looking for the next great wedding to shoot! Give us a shout!

Ginger Frye

Ginger Frye, founder of Frye + LaMarca Photography grew up
in Tennessee and now lives in Newnan, Georgia with her adorable puppy, Trudy. 

Ginger has earned an MFA in Photography from University of Memphis and has been working
as a professional photographer since graduation.  

When not photographing she is busy playing with Trudy and working in her garden!

Mindy LaMarca

Mindy LaMarca,  founder of Frye + LaMarca Photography.  She has lived in the
Atlanta area for almost 20 years. She currently lives at Catalpa Plantation in Newnan, Georgia
 with her family and plethora of farm animals. 

She has an MFA from Rochester Institute of Technology in Graphic Design and studied photography,
She has been working as both a graphic designer and photographer since graduation.

When not working she enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, running and playing in the garden.